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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Veronica Mars - C+

Rated PG-13, 108 minutes

An entertaining rehash, "Veronica Mars" is for die-hard fans of series

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars
If you enjoyed the CW TV mystery series "Veronica Mars" about an amateur high school sleuth, then you'll probably love the entertaining movie version, a mildly entertaining, witty rehash of the 2004-2007 show. Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), former high school sleuth, has moved to New York City nine years after the series ended. She wishes to distance herself as far from her hometown Neptune as possible, but is forced to return when her old boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is once again accused of murder. Directed, co-written and co-produced by series creator Rob Thomas, the pleasant though unnecessary feature film version "Veronica Mars" is really for die-hard fans of the popular cult series, providing a thin excuse for a reunion of the series cast and to capitalize on Bell's new big screen stardom. The charming Bell is a delight to watch as usual, but the predictable plotting gives her little to do in expanding her character outside of sleuthing. If it feels like a TV movie, it's because it would've been more effective there than it does on the big screen not to mention it has a large following and built-in audience who would've easily come back for a reunion special. Most of the cast from the original series is back, with a few additions, including Jerry O'Connell and Jamie Lee Curtis, but this is really Bell's show, and she ably carries the movie with her quick one-liners. "Veronica Mars" is slight and modestly entertaining, and we can thank a nice Quickstarter funding campaign for this, but it'd be much better to take Veronica Mars back to the small screen where she belongs for a series of periodic TV movies ala Tom Selleck's Jesse Stone or Angela Lansbury's Jessica Fletcher, allowing the now-popular Bell to continue her big screen career. Case closed.

Wes's Grade:  C+

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